Daily Archive: Thursday, October 5, 2017

5 Signs The Muppets Caused 9/11: Crazy But Convincing Theory

I’m no scandalmonger. My years of debunking B.S. stories in the news can attest to that. It’s this exemplary reputation I stand behind as assurance that when I say The Muppets caused the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States, I mean exactly that. Evil lurks behind those cold, painted-on eyes. Buckle in, everyone. It’s

5 Cats Meet Their Baby Brother For The First Time…Get Ready To Laugh!

When parents bring their newborns home for the first time, there’s often a bit of hesitation if they already own pets. Will they embrace their new brother…or use him as a chew toy? One family decided to find out by bringing their baby home and filming the whole exchange… …with not one, not two, but

Kate Winslet Bans Her Kids From Using Social Media At Home ‘Parents Are Losing Control’

No social media?? Say it ain’t so! Don’t let Kate Winslet‘s role as a tech-savvy Apple exec in the new flick Steve Jobs fool you. In real life, she is all about staying unplugged, especially when it comes to her three kiddos — Mia Honey, 15, Joe Alfie, 11, and little Bear Blaze, almost 2.