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When You Accidentally Step On Your Pets

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Dire Prediction: The U.S. Sludge Warden Just Announced That No One Can Escape The Sludge

If you didnt already have enough to worry about, heres something else to keep you up at night. According to an announcement from the U.S. Sludge Warden today, the sludge will be on its way soon, and unfortunately, it doesnt look like theres anything we can do about it. The Sludge Warden warned in a

Would you get a matching manicure with your cat?

First thing’s first: you should never, ever paint your pet’s claws with actual nail polish. It’s toxic to them! But should you hunger for you and your cat to have matching manicures, there’s a glamorous alternative. Cristi, a cat owner from California, routinely purchases nail caps for her cat, Wednesday. One day, she found a

Babies everywhere are impersonating Bernie Sanders

A group of parents are showing their support for Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.-I) in an unconventional and adorable way. They’re dressing up their kids as the Democratic presidential candidate and posting photos of the mini-Sanderson social media. And while the cute factor is certainly driving the #BabiesForBernie movement, there’s a benefit to this trend that’s

Bankers Ditch Fat Salaries to Chase Digital Currency Riches

Richard Liu gave up a seven-figure salary this month to get into one of the hottest financial instruments around right now: China Renaissance deal-maker has since backed a clutch of cryptocoin sales that’ve raised millions — sometimes in seconds — often without a single product. From Hong Kong and Beijing to London, accomplished financiers are abandoning

Sweetener in gum is causing surge in accidental dog poisonings | Fox News

((iStock)) Tonia Cox had no idea that a sweetener in sugarless chewing gum could nearly kill Murphy Jo, her familys dog. Ms. Cox, of Charlotte, N.C., came home to find that the labradoodle had knocked her sons Ice Breakers gum off the counter and ingested about 20 pieces. The dog began vomiting and later became

Pets That Deserve An Apology

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