Daily Archive: Thursday, October 12, 2017

23 Guilty Pets Who Had Absolutely No Idea Youd Be Home So Soon

Youve likely caught your pet in the act before, and if they are like any of these pets, then youve likely cracked up as their guilty expressions are totally hilarious! These are classic shots of pets who are busted big time. You have to wonder what some of these pets were thinking. Perhaps some thought

9 People Who Look Exactly Like Their Pets

Its just uncanny! 1. Gerard Elan Separated at birth? Gerard and his terrier Farley are pretty much identical! 2. Tim Evans The only thing distinguishing Tim from his cat Chester is a little bit of fur! 3. Heather Brixton When Heather and Bailey go jogging together, good luck telling whos leading who. 4. Ayelet Fischer

The 5 Stupidest People On The Planet (Are All Donald Trump)

How many times are you allowed to say or do something stupid before you realize you yourself are stupid? Seven times? 24? Butts? Rush Limbaugh has been wrong about 270 things a day for 40 years, and he would be truly shocked to learn he’s stupid. We aren’t good at spotting our own intellectual limitations.