Daily Archive: Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dog Parker, because even your dogs deserve a smart home

Everyone says that dogs are a huge responsibility, but its hard to feel the weight of that responsibility until you own one. Dog Parker, a new startup out of ERA, is looking to take out some of the stress of owning a dog in New York. As you might imagine from the name, Dog Parker

Kids And Their Pets In Australia

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Actualizing the Internet of Things all starts with wireless

As wireless power expands its influence, the Internet of Things will change the way we operate and carry on our daily lives. The most promising of wireless power technology seems to be radio frequency. With its apparent lack of serious problems and its unique strengths, radio frequency has the greatest long-term potential to become the

People Share the Funniest Reasons Why Their Pets Are Idiots

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Cheering 1st Day of Summer? Not in Phoenix as Temps Hit 119

Phoenix (AP) — The first day of summer brought some of the worst heat the Southwest U.S. has seen in years, forcing flights to be canceled, straining the power grid and making life miserable for workers toiling in temperatures that reached 120 degrees or higher in some desert cities. Arizona, Nevada and California saw dramatic

Hilary Duff Adopted a Puppy No One Else Wanted For a Ridiculous Reason

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