Daily Archive: Monday, October 30, 2017

Rescued Baby Otter Reunited With His Family

When I was a kid, one of my biggest fears was being left behind at the mall by my parents. This little sea otter experienced the animal world’s version of that same nightmare scenario. The otter pup featured in this video became separated from his family in May. While searching for them, he accidentally fell

The Way Our Pets See Us

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This flight was filled with a very rich person’s falcon army

It’s pretty sad when some pets lead nicer lives than most people on earth. Redditor lensoo shared an equally bizarre and awesome photo of an airplane cabin on Monday of an absurd number of falcons traveling on an airplane, each with their very own seat. SEE ALSO: JetBlue now has free Wi-Fi on all flights

New Law Passed: Pet Stores Can ONLY Sell Rescued Animals. This Is Genius!

Heres an idea whose time has finally. Rather than have pet stores obtain animals from puppy mills, why not require them to get their dogs and cats from actual animal shelters that house thousands of animals, many of which end up being euthanized? Well Arizona is leading the way as it has now made it

Photo Of Dying Cat Holding Hands With Owners On ‘Last Trip To Vet’ Breaks The Internet’s Heart!

Usually Fridays are pretty happy as most people get ready for a fun or relaxing weekend, so if you want to avoid becoming a blubbering mess, look away! Final warning… After coming across the post, PEOPLE reached out to the saddened owner who told them a bit more: “Andrew was my little boy. He was

Woman pays almost $400 to save goldfish that choked on pebble

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