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Without My Pets…

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Nobel prize for medicine awarded for insights into internal biological clock

825,000 prize shared between American scientists Jeffrey C Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W Young for work on the internal clock of living organismsLive reaction to medicine Nobel prize announcement The Nobel prize in physiology or medicine has been awarded to a trio of American scientists for their discoveries on the molecular mechanisms controlling circadian

This lovable grandma turned her daily 3-mile walk into a personal crusade against litter.

Itry to keep my desk organized. There are my books to my left, my computer in the middle, and my lamp and notebook to the right. I like it that way being tidy just feels right. Larie’s also a fan of tidy. GIF from Jenny Kane/Vimeo. Larie McKeever is80yearsold. Everydayshe dons an orange safety vest,