Daily Archive: Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Street Musician Befriended A Stray Cat Who Ended Up Changing His Life

From the video, it’s clear to see that the bond between James Bowen and Bob is an incredibly strong one. Closeness is common between pets and their humans, but the effect it has had on Bowen’s life is rare. While he’s now an acclaimed writer with two international best-sellers under his belt, things were not

Your Purebred Is Inbred: 5 Realities Of Dog Breeding

Slowly domesticating wolves into good old Fido had been one of the best things that mankind has ever done, right up until we refused to stop fucking with the canine formula. Instead, we started breeding pooches to more and more precise specifications (“the ears must be 1-inch smaller,” “the face must be 20 percent droopier”),

Familys Group Text About Their Cats Death Has Absurdly Hilarious Twist

I once looked out my kitchen window and saw my mom and neighbor burying my neighbor’s dead cat in my garden. The cat was wearing a sweater to “keep him warm in that big catnip plant in the sky.” That’s why I relate to this story so much in that it also involves parents and

Pet dogs are the new must-have accessory at the smarter office

Companies are using animal magnetism to reduce stress in the workplace and hang on to staff After a half-hour walk to work each morning, Joy likes to grab a drink and head to her desk where she promptly curls up underneath it and has a nap. Joy is an eight-month-old golden retriever and she goes