Daily Archive: Friday, November 10, 2017

Someone Starved This Dog To The Brink Of Death, But Now, She Has A New Lease On Life

People do unspeakably cruel things to innocent animals. What’s most heartbreaking of all is that it seems like some people bring pets into their lives just to turn around and abuse them. That’s something that a sweet dog named Angel knows all too well. When she was brought to the awesome folks at Rescue From

Little Boy Can’t Hold Back The Tears After Meeting A Tiny Chihuahua Puppy

Sometimes puppies can be so overwhelmingly cute and sweet you could just cry. At least, that’s how this little boy feels. Sweet Zayden was already bursting with excitement when Mom took him to the pet store, but as soon as he got to hold a Chihuahua puppy, he was so completely overcome with emotion that

You Might Think Your Pet Is Being Silly When He Does his, But Take Him The Vet Immediately

Pets can be real characters. They all have their little oddities about them that most of the time we write off as just funny or absurd. But there is a common oddity which many animals do that is actually a sign of a larger problem. Its called head pressing and it is where an animal

Miranda Lambert Has Rescued Over A Hundred Dogs From Her Hurricane-Ravaged Home State Of Texas!

Yasss! We are loving seeing all of these celebs donating money to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. But when it’s your home state, there’s something about getting boots on the ground. Together with volunteers, Miranda has rescued over 112 dogs, 38 cats, and 21 other pets, bringing them from flooded and damaged shelters to dry,

Sally Kohn criticizes Ohio for buying a wheelchair for this puppy [photos]

Sally Kohn is angry that “taxpayers” purchased a wheelchair for an adorable two-legged puppy rescued from a shelter in Ohio while Gov. John Kasich has asked for pause while the vetting process of Syrian refugees can be worked out. Is she heartless? The dog’s names is “Tumbles” — micro-agression alert? — and his wheelchair was