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Zappos Wants To Buy You A Shelter Dog Or Cat For Black Friday

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20 Little Known ‘Happy Little Facts’ About Bob Ross, America’s Favorite Art Teacher

1. Bob Ross’s show on PBS, ‘The Joy of Painting,’ ran for over a decade, from 1983 to 1994 although, thanks to reruns, people have continued to be exposed to the show. All told there were 403 different episodes of the show during that period. 2. Each show ran only thirty minutes during which Ross

The Orange Shrub-cat Requires Many Pets

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6 Insane Coincidences You Didn’t Notice Are In Every Movie

Given how often we complain about sequels, reboots, and a general lack of originality in Hollywood, we shouldn’t really be surprised that coincidences are used as often as they are, even in great films. And it makes sense — coincidences are a convenient screenwriting tool. That said, we’ve reached a point where both Hollywood and

Inspectors Find Sick, Filthy, & Frozen Alive Animals At Petco & PetSmart Supplier Ranch! Read The Unsettling Report!

OUTRAGEOUS! The U.S. Department of Agriculture discovered a disturbing scene at a Pennsylvania small-animal dealer that supplied animals to Petco and PetSmart. According to AP, federal inspectors visited the Holmes Chinchilla Ranch in January, though their findings are just now being released to the public. They apparently found several dead animals on the premises —

10 Things Fuckboys Say That Should Be An Immediate Red Flag

You’re on a date with a bro you met online and three Moscow mules in, you’re actually hitting it off and considering making out with him if he leaves a decent tip. That is, until he fucks it up by saying something dumb like “Crazy girls are just more into me” that sets off the