Daily Archive: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

This Colorful Moth Might Just Be The Worlds Most Beautiful Insect

When you think of beautiful animals, what comes to mind? Probably butterflies, or peacocks, or maybe something bigger like a mountain lion or elephant. One thing that surely doesn’t come to mind is a moth. Usually, if we find ourselves face to face with one, we are creeped out and try to shoo it away

Astronaut approves of 4-year-old’s costume re-creation of his classic dog portrait

Virginia dad Andrew Miller’s 4-year-old daughter only had one demand for her Halloween costume this year: She wanted to be “that funny astronaut.” The man she was referring to is Leland Melvin, an engineer and now-retired NASA astronaut whose 2009 work portrait went viral for featuring his two happy rescue dogs, Jake and Scout. It

Renee Zellweger Surprises Texas Pet Rescue Organizations By Volunteering For A Whole Week Of Hurricane Harvey Relief!

Houston Pets Alive founder Andrea Birkelbach (above, right) has been incredibly busy in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Between rescuing lost and abandoned animals and taking in pets people who lost their homes can’t care for right now, she didn’t even notice she had an Birkelbach says someone literally tapped her on the shoulder and

Paris Hilton Reveals The Origin Of Her Famous Baby Voice!

No one could ever forget She had so much success as a kid, that her and her sister Nicky Hilton even managed to get a few pets out of using the technique. Eventually though, poppa Rick Hilton caught on and forced the young blondes to use their allowance — and soon enough they acquired chinchillas,

Study Reveals That Your Cat Is Basically A Tiny Lion

Your cat may be plotting to kill you. Thats what the headlines seem to be saying, at least, and although this isnt a particularly accurate statement (at all), some new research on the psychology of our favorite feline companions reveals that they may be far more neurotic and resistant to being ordered around than previously

What I Need My Professors To Understand About Dealing With Depression In College

Its no secret that college is stressful for everyone. But I need my professors to understand a few things. I suffer from anxiety. While it could be much worse, Im constantly worrying even when I dont have the added stress of school. While I perceive my anxiety as mild, the people around me notice it