Daily Archive: Thursday, November 16, 2017

Oh No! Chris Evans & Jenny Slate Have Broken Up After Less Than A Year Of Dating!

Captain America is back on the market, y’all!!! We were all about the under-the-radar romance between Chris Evans and Jenny Slate, who started dating last May not too long after Jenny’s split from her husband Dean Fleischer-Camp. But now, it looks like this ship has sunk just as quickly as it began floating, because People

The Incredible Rescue Of A Cat Found Frozen On A Porch

Here at Wimp, we love a good rescue story. Whether it’s a sweet baby elephant or a poor, neglected pup, seeing animals successfully travel the road to recovery is beyond heartwarming. So, when this video begins with the image of a lifeless, frozen cat, our stomachs were simply in knots. Luckily for us (and Elsa!),

Goose Finds Cop And Leads Him To Her Trapped Baby

Over the course of 26 years of service with the Cincinnati Police Department, Officer James Givens thought he’d seen pretty much everything. All it took was one mother goose to show him how wrong he was in making that assumption. Earlier this week, Officer Givens was sitting in his patrol car when he suddenly found