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Moms Post About Ex Shows How Couples Can Remain Friends After Divorce

Divorce can get really messy. If there are no kids involved, it’s a different situation, but the addition of children brings a whole new dynamic to the equation. While most couples try their best to remain civil, that’s not always the case. But there are those who realize that just because they weren’t meant to

PETA Killed A Little Girl’s Dog, And Her Family Wants Them To Pay

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Guinea Pigs Play Tug-O-War With Blade Of Grass (Video)

Guinea Pigs Play Tug-O-War With Blade Of Grass (Video) Two adorable guinea pig sisters play tug-of-war in slow motion with a blade of grass. via Bivoir Cavies Read more: http://dailypicksandflicks.com/

Louisiana school includes headshot of service dog next to student in yearbook | Fox News

Presley and Joseph “Seph” Ware in the new yearbook of Good Hope Middle School, in West Monroe, La. (Lori Ware) Among all the headshots of smiling students in a Louisiana middle schools new yearbook, one photo clearly sticks out. It shows Presley, a service dog, and the photo in West Monroes Good Hope Middle School