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The Strange Animal Known As A ‘Caracal’

When we think of wildcats, what first comes to mind are the big cats – tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards and snow leopards. These animals are all incredibly large, but they also separate themselves from other wildcats through their ability to roar. They are all highly skilled at hunting, and they are all extremely dangerous. However, we often forget

Hospice Worker Sings To Patient

Life can be so beautiful, but like all things, it must eventually come to an end. For those who are critically or terminally ill and on their last lap in life, hospice care is considered to be one of the best ways for these patients to live out the rest of their days. Due to

The RealReals CEO says the companys goal is to IPO

Why the future of deep learning depends on finding good data

Ophir Tanz is the CEO of GumGum, an artificial intelligence company with particular expertise in computer vision. GumGum applies its capabilities to a variety of industries, from advertising to professional sports across the globe. Ophir holds a B.S. and a M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University and currently lives in Los Angeles. More posts by this

Baby deer is totally freaked out by a ball

Dogs are pass. You throw a ball, they bring it back, and you throw it again. Yawn. But a baby deer and a ball? Now were talking! This baby deer cant seem to decide whether the ball is an enemy, a toy, or its new best friend. It hops around, shakes it head, and generally