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‘Zombie dogs’ roaming near Chicago are infected coyotes, police warn

Police are warning residents of a Chicago suburb to avoid helping “zombie dogs” because they are infected coyotes that could sicken other pets with the disease.  Hanover Park Police Department posted the warning on its Facebook page on Wednesday, saying the coyotes, usually nocturnal animals, are infected with sarcoptic mange that causes them to be

Meet Patton, the Goldendoodle who hopes to become the next ‘First Dog’

Patton is seen inside his Manalapan, Fla., home.  (Capehart Photography) Patton, a 9-week-old Goldendoodle and offspring of American military hero service dogs, likes to swim outside his Florida home, eat scrambled eggs and carry around a giant rawhide bone. He’s also poised to become the next “First Dog” to run the grounds of the White

Our Users Tell Us The Story Behind Their Cats Nicknames

Yesterday we asked our users to tell us their pets’ nickname. What we got was something even better…hilarious stories behind the evolution of their nicknames! Read for yourself! Follow our Facebook page form more fun! 1 Via Rachael Eden 2 Via Viané Paris 3 Via Pretty Kotzur 4 Via Laurie Thomas 5 Via kelly Lastres

These Chinchillas Butts Are So Round, They Look Fake

What you’re seeing is not a work of Photoshop, these chinchillas actually do have perfectly round butts! They may seem too fluffy to be true, but(t) in fact, they’re real! These adorable chinchillas come from a breeder called Cameron, based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. He specializes mainly in breeding show quality violet chinchillas that, as

Flying turkey ruffles feathers about ’emotional support’ animals on planes

Dogs, horses, pigs and –yes–turkeys are used as emotional support animals on flights. (AP) If you think that air travel has gone to the birds, it has -literally. We’re talkin’ turkey, as in that big Thanksgiving bird, one of which recently was spotted aboard a Delta flight acting as a “support animal,” and that’s causing a

FML, People Are Naming Their Babies After Instagram Filters

This year’s most popular baby names are bad as every other year, with one notable exception: BabyCenter released their annual list of popular names, and by far the most disturbing trend is that people are increasingly naming their kids — their real, human children who will one day have to apply for jobs and pay

Ollie raises $4.4M to become the Sprig of dog food

Chicken,peas, beef, sweet potatoes and blueberries, the stuff of $40 meals in places like Hayes Valley and Greenwich Village and starting today, also the stuff of dog food. Ollie, a new startup founded by Alex Douzet, Gabby Slome and Randy Jimenez, is aimed squarely at disrupting the premium pet food space by offering something like

Is It Safe to Get Excited About Investing Again?

Investing used to be fun. There was that greedy voice in our heads saying: “Trust your gut! Take a risk!” Then it all got ruined by the one-two punch of a tech bust and the worst recession in a lifetime. Suddenly, we were supposed to be sober: Who are we to bet our retirement on our skills

There Are Two Types Of Girls: Why Girls Who Prefer Dogs Make The Best Girlfriends

It is mildly terrifying to adopt your first dog, but once done, a girl with dogs becomes a very special type of person. If you want a girlfriend that understands several important truths about life, you want to date a dog owner. Girls who prefer dogs not only make the best girlfriends, but make pretty

Single Pamela Anderson Is A Lonely Momma Now That Her Kiddos Are Grown!