Daily Archive: Monday, December 4, 2017

Pets Just Trying To Stay Warm…

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Worlds First Talking Cat Collar

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Leprosy Is Back, And Officials Are Blaming Armadillos

The unusual weather we’ve been having lately has been linked to all sorts of strange happenings around the country. From massive mudslides half-burying towns to snowstorms in May, it’s been a roller coaster of meteorological proportions and these crazy fluctuations have trickled down the ecological chain to flora and fauna as well. One critter that

More pets, please!

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Samantha Bee Returns to Rip Trumps Chaotic Transition: You Thought There Were Rules?

The Full Frontal host is back from three weeks off to check in on Trumps Make America Great Again progress. “> After Donald Trump won the presidential election, Samantha Bee joked that come January, her show might be called Full Frontal Without Samantha Bee (Now 75% Hotter!). With just over six weeks until Inauguration Day,

Follow closely, care must be taken to complete correctly

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