Daily Archive: Monday, December 18, 2017

Pebby makes long-distance pet relationships more fun

Im convinced that if humans could find fun in simple games as easily as pets, our world would be a healthier place. Watching footage of dogs playing with Hansen Gohs Pebby pet toy, launched today, has only persuaded me of this further. The smartphone-controlled mechanized ball keeps pets active and in good spirits, letting owners

Pets are Total Opposites of Each Other (Video)

Pets are Total Opposites of Each Other (Video) These two animals are the odd couple in the house. While Foxy the Italian Greyhound is energetic and runs all over the house, Puff Tatty the cat prefers to sit back and relax, so he was annoyed when Foxy wouldn’t stay still. via Ben Stifle Read more:

Bitcoin Is the Market’s Favorite Buzzword

Want your company’s stock to climb? Consider mentioning "bitcoin" in the press release. In the late 90s all it took was a dot-com in the name, back in the 60s "tronics" was good enough to double a share price. In 2017, the moniker sure to stoke investors’ appetite is any variation of “digital currency.” Take

Babies everywhere are impersonating Bernie Sanders

A group of parents are showing their support for Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.-I) in an unconventional and adorable way. They’re dressing up their kids as the Democratic presidential candidate and posting photos of the mini-Sanderson social media. And while the cute factor is certainly driving the #BabiesForBernie movement, there’s a benefit to this trend that’s