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Pets That Deserve An Apology

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These shelter dogs were completely transformed after a simple grooming.

When Fluffy arrived at the Animal Care Center in New York City, he wasn’t in the best shape. He’d spent quite a while at the shelter but had yet to find a home. As if that weren’t bad enough, his long, shaggy fur was seriously matted, causing painful sores all over his body. He was

This Photographer Fights Rat-Phobia With Irresistibly Cute Pictures

Diane zdamar, a 32-year-old photographer from Montral, Canada, takes incredibly cute photos of rescue rats (yup, thats right, you canadopt them). Diane Ozdamar I began taking photos of rats I fostered to help find them homes, zdamar told HuffPost. I soon found out that cute pictures displaying their personalities not only helped them find good

Smart Dog Plays Ping Pong

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Animal Shelter Celebrates Their Happiest Day Ever Because All Kennels Are Empty

According to the shelter, they adopted out 25 cats and 23 dogs as of Monday, but the kindhearted staff and volunteers won’t be stopping anytime soon. “We’ll have more dogs available later tonight or tomorrow. Keep those adoptions coming!”. Watch the video: Almost finished… To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the

This dude has a squirrel still living in his Christmas tree

There are plenty of reasons to delay taking down your Christmas decorations, but this might be the cutest one yet. Redditor carefree_dude posted this adorable pic to the Pics subreddit with the cheeky caption, “There is STILL a squirrel living in my Christmas tree.” carefree_dude/Reddit Some redditors mused that they’d be alarmed to find an