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When This Dog’s Owner Came To Get Him At The Vet, The Pup’s Reaction Is Too Funny

By now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our pets don’t enjoy trips to the vet. They get painful shots, poked in weird places, and often have to spend long periods of time being watched over by unfamiliar people. We get it. But when this dog owner went to pick his pooch up from

10+ Over Dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar

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Florida woman’s Facebook photo of dog with mouth taped closed sparks outcry

On Friday, Katie Brown of South Daytona, Florida, posted a photo of her chocolate Labrador retriever to which wouldn’t have been notable but for the fact that she had apparently duct-taped its mouth shut. “This is what happens when you dont shut up!!!” she wrote in a caption. via Facebook In no time at all,

Husband Says He Cant Afford Her as a Stay-at-Home MomWhen He Shows Her Why, I Was FLOORED

“Now, I dont at all mean to offend anyone with this post. I just have to say that for me personally, I cant afford it.” Author: Steven Nelms Ive had this thought in my head for a while now. Ive been thinking that I cant afford for my wife to be a Stay-At-Home Mom. Now,