Daily Archive: Tuesday, January 2, 2018

5 Of The Stupidest Things I Learned After Owning Fish

Last December, I got an aquarium. Because like most people who have never owned one, I thought, “This will be a simple, cheap pet that requires virtually no maintenance.” Six months later, I have sunk a couple thousand dollars and a hundred hours worth of research into this soul-crushing, bullshit hobby. So to save you

Frankie Boyle on the fallout from Paris: This is the worst time for society to go on psychopathic autopilot

From authoritarian power grabs to Andrew Neils nonsensical eulogy, the reaction to the Paris attacks proves that we havent learned from our past mistakes There were a lot of tributes after the horror in Hometown Glory to Paris, just as the raids on St-Denis started. A song about south London where, 10 years ago, armed

Check Out This Horse Wearing A Designer Suit

Saddle up, y’all. Celebrity stylist and Alexander McQueen apprentice Emma Sandham-King made a suit for a horse. Yep, an actual suit for an actual horse. Apparently it was specially commissioned for Morestead, a veteran racehorse, in honor of the upcoming Cheltenham Festival, some big horseracing event. Forget free Chipotle after the E. coli breakout, this

I rescued 70 pets from flooded neighborhood near Houston yesterday

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Bad Luck Bulldog. Short and wide with a low center of gravity

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New Law Passed: Pet Stores Can ONLY Sell Rescued Animals. This Is Genius!

Heres an idea whose time has finally. Rather than have pet stores obtain animals from puppy mills, why not require them to get their dogs and cats from actual animal shelters that house thousands of animals, many of which end up being euthanized? Well Arizona is leading the way as it has now made it