Daily Archive: Friday, January 5, 2018

Picture of the Day: This Sheep Looks Like a Cow

Photograph by David Merrett | Flickr Seen here is a Jacob Sheep, a rare breed of small, piebald (colored with white spots), polycerate (multi-horned) sheep. Oh and it looks like a cow. Jacob Sheep can have anywhere from two to six horns but four horns is the most common. According to Wikipedia:   Jacobs are

30 Genius Dog Gadgets You Had NO CLUE Your Pet Needed

Most dog parents would agree that their furry companions truly deserve nothing but the best. Many constantly scour the web, hunting for new gadgets that they can buy to improve their pets’ lives. Now, inventors have created all sorts ofnew finds, perfectly suited toward keeping pups happy, healthy, and safe. Here are thirtygems we found,

Meet The Former Pig Farmer Who Is Now A Vegan Activist

One cold morning in January 2014, Comis was making his rounds on the farm in upstate New York. “Everything seemed pretty normal, until I approached one group of pigs,” says Comis. For no reason that he can precisely pin down, Comis just suddenly was overcome with the feeling that “things had suddenly become very different.”

Dog Adorably Terrifies Cats Stalking Bird

They were such scaredy cats that they literally jumped into the air!   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com

Cat Walks For The First Time After Receiving Titanium Prosthetic Legs

Vincent the cat was born with an abnormality inhis hind legs, which meanthe couldn’t walk. Abandoned as a kitten, he was left in the hands of the Story County Animal Shelter in Iowa. Usually, it’s bad news for a kitten in this position. However, thanks to the determination of workers at the shelter, some top

Thanks To Contraceptive Pills Being Flushed Down The Toilet, Male Fish Are Laying EGGS

There are certain things that you simply should never flush down the toilet. Plastic wrappers. Condoms. Beloved yet expired childhood pets. These things get stuck and cause several plumbing issues. The toilet is not a magical waste disposal portal; it is not a wardrobe into a Narnia-like dumping ground. As some rather shocking research by