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Summer solstice 2017: Stonehenge crowds as sun rises – BBC News

“This was a successful policing operation with only seven arrests, and we are glad that attendees were able to enjoy the celebrations in a friendly and positive manner as they waited for the sunrise,” said Supt Dave Minty. Image copyright PA Image copyright PA Image copyright PA The summer and winter solstices hold particular significance

Amazon FreeTime comes to Android phones and tablets

Amazons FreeTime service, which includes access to curated kid-friendly content and various parental controls, is now arriving on Android devices with the launch ofas it is for the Fire tablet version of the service. This upgraded selection includes over 10,000 age-appropriate books and videos from brands likeDisney, Nickelodeon, Amazon Studios, PBS Kids, HarperCollins, Sesame Street,

Putting The Debate To Bed: PETA Has Announced That They Will Never Know Whether Its Okay To Be Naked In Front Of Your Dog Or What

When it comes to protecting animals, no one does it better than PETA. So if you’ve got a pet at home, you might want to pay attention to the organization’s latest bombshell: PETA has announced that they will never know whether it’s okay to be naked in front of your dog or what! Yep. Nudity

Some people don’t deserve pets.

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Keep your legs warm with your quotes from your favorite books

If you like reading on the subway but hate schlepping a heavy book with you, there are a few solutions: You could get an e-reader, you could listen to an audiobook or you could wear your literature. If you’re fashion-inclined and adept at reading upside-down, you could wear a pair of tights with your favorite

Rescued piglets served up as sausages to firefighters – BBC News

“We’ll be sending Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service packs of vegan sausages so that they can see how easy it is to truly be heroes for pigs – by sparing them all suffering,” said spokesman Mimi Bekhechi. More on this story and other news from the West of England Media playback is unsupported

23 Guilty Pets Who Had Absolutely No Idea Youd Be Home So Soon

Youve likely caught your pet in the act before, and if they are like any of these pets, then youve likely cracked up as their guilty expressions are totally hilarious! These are classic shots of pets who are busted big time. You have to wonder what some of these pets were thinking. Perhaps some thought