Daily Archive: Tuesday, January 9, 2018

This Holiday Card Is A Single Ladys Love Letter To Pizza

When you’re single, the holidays are not so much “Joy to the World” as they are “Dancing on My Own.” (Which, to be fair, is arguably more delightful.)  In total understanding of this sentiment, Redditor myredditfakename5 who is 28-year-old Sarah Collins IRL uploaded a Christmas card that’s sure to resonate with single women everywhere.  It can

Woman Brings Dog To Furry Convention, Thinking It’s A Gathering For Pets

Cheryl Wassus of Monroe, Michigan, is a volunteer withPets for Vets, a nonprofit that matches therapy dogs with military veterans. When Wassus learned that Motor City Furry Conin Novi, Michigan, was raising money for the organization, she assumed it must be a pet-themed convention. Twitter/kenny wassus It was a reasonable mistake. For those unaware, furries

Cat Really Hates Stumped Animal Tiger Toy

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Dangerous heat wave scorches Southwestern US

(CNN)A rare, dangerous and potentially deadly heat wave is progressing into the workweek. If it’s not already hot enough, the high temperatures in some areas haven’t even reached their peaks. Sacramento, California, saw record high temperatures of 106 degrees on Sunday, heat last seen almost 75 years ago, when it reached 105 degrees Fahrenheit. With

Dog Is Super Excited To Watch Disneys Bolt

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Lobster nets 1M to scale its user-generated content licensing marketplace

U.K. startupLobster is gearing up to scale its user-generated content licensing marketplace, as it closesa 1 million Series A. Its expecting to have closed out the roundnext week, with 85 percent of the funding committed at this point and onlyits decision on thelast fewinvestors outstanding. Committed investors include KL10CH (aka The Key), a tech hub