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Inspectors Find Sick, Filthy, & Frozen Alive Animals At Petco & PetSmart Supplier Ranch! Read The Unsettling Report!

OUTRAGEOUS! The U.S. Department of Agriculture discovered a disturbing scene at a Pennsylvania small-animal dealer that supplied animals to Petco and PetSmart. According to AP, federal inspectors visited the Holmes Chinchilla Ranch in January, though their findings are just now being released to the public. They apparently found several dead animals on the premises —

Photo Of Dying Cat Holding Hands With Owners On ‘Last Trip To Vet’ Breaks The Internet’s Heart!

Usually Fridays are pretty happy as most people get ready for a fun or relaxing weekend, so if you want to avoid becoming a blubbering mess, look away! Final warning… After coming across the post, PEOPLE reached out to the saddened owner who told them a bit more: “Andrew was my little boy. He was

Miranda Lambert Has Rescued Over A Hundred Dogs From Her Hurricane-Ravaged Home State Of Texas!

Yasss! We are loving seeing all of these celebs donating money to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. But when it’s your home state, there’s something about getting boots on the ground. Together with volunteers, Miranda has rescued over 112 dogs, 38 cats, and 21 other pets, bringing them from flooded and damaged shelters to dry,

Firefighter Wouldnt Give Up On Tiny Dog He Saved From Burning Building

Fires are devastating. More than destroying property, they can take away the things closest to us, including our pets. One firefighter recently pulled a tiny dog named Marley from a burning building and became a hero for the pup and his owner. …AND GETS ALL UP IN YOUR FACEBOOK

What Usually Happens When I Sleep With My Pets

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As The Editor Of Hefty Dog Magazine, I Swear To Bring You Only The Most Accurate Information About Overweight Dogs In This Age Of Misinformation

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People Share the Funniest Reasons Why Their Pets Are Idiots

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