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You Might Think Your Pet Is Being Silly When He Does his, But Take Him The Vet Immediately

Pets can be real characters. They all have their little oddities about them that most of the time we write off as just funny or absurd. But there is a common oddity which many animals do that is actually a sign of a larger problem. Its called head pressing and it is where an animal

Yesterday my post about Pilots N Paws didn’t make it to most viral. I’d really like to get some awareness out for this charity that’s saving pets from kill shelters, so for every upvote this post gets, I’ll pledge to fly 1 mile for Pilots N Paws in 2017.

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This Ferret Determined To Show A Human Her Babies Is The Most Adorable Thing Youll See Today

Ferret babies are called kits. They’re usually only around 2-2.5 inches long and are born with soft baby fuzz instead of fur. In the first few weeks, babies are totally dependent on their mom, but that’s okay, because in this case they have the best – and the proudest – momma ferret in the world.

Fur National Cook Fur Your Pets Day

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If You’ve Ever Had a Cat, You Should Be Able to Relate to These Horrible Stories of Pet Ownership

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14 Signs You Have An Unhealthy Attachment To Your Dog

1. You’ve willingly said no to plans because of your dog. Clubs? Gallery Openings? Even just a party ten minutes from your place? HARD. PASS. You have a fluff ball of love to get back to and no one will stop you! “Hey we’re all going to hit happy hour because they give away free