Daily Archive: Monday, January 29, 2018

Puppies invaded a retirement home, preschool, and gym. Pure bliss ensued.

Stop what you’re doing. I have breaking puppy news. A video of puppies exists that is not only absolutely darling, but is also helping dogs in need with every single click. I repeat: You can watch a video that, in a very tangible way, is making the world a better place for dogs every time

9 People Who Look Exactly Like Their Pets

Its just uncanny! 1. Gerard Elan Separated at birth? Gerard and his terrier Farley are pretty much identical! 2. Tim Evans The only thing distinguishing Tim from his cat Chester is a little bit of fur! 3. Heather Brixton When Heather and Bailey go jogging together, good luck telling whos leading who. 4. Ayelet Fischer

Dog Hides Entire Sandwich In His Mouth

They often can’t help themselves. Dogs instinctually will stuff their faces until they are sick as a way to store up calories for the future when food may be more scare.This dog obviously couldn’t help himself. His owner caught him looking guilty and realized the poor pup had stuffed an entire sandwich in his mouth

Pets are awesome to grow up with

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