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7 WTF Ways Seemingly Innocent Companies Screw Their Workers

Close your eyes and imagine a world where fair trade coffee doesn’t exist because all caffeinated beverages are manufactured and traded with pure hearts and unadulterated intentions. Now wake up! You’re dreaming of a fairyland. Here in the real world, every industrial dark underbelly has an even darker hidden underbelly slithering beneath it in the

Trump family breaks with presidential pet tradition

Washington (CNN)He campaigned and won vowing to shake up Washington. Now, President Donald Trump is again breaking with tradition on a more personal matter: keeping a pet at the White House. “It softens their image, it broadens their appeal,” Ed Lengel, chief historian at the White House Historical Association, told CNN. “They help create an

140 questions Siri has hilarious answers for

As Siri gets packed into everything from the iPad to the Apple Watch, she becomes smarter every year. With each new update Siri learns new tricks, and with more than four years of upgrades theres a ton of hilarious, hidden responses that you can coax from her. You just need to know what to ask.

Pet adoption is the new online dating

Head to any animal shelter and youll meet at least a few dogs who were given away by families after realizing they werent a good fit. Perhaps the terrier didnt get along with the kids, or the golden retriever needed more human interaction than the busy full-time-career parents could provide. Enter a new, sort-of online

IKEA Just Did Something AMAZINGLY Cool For Shelter Cats

There are a lot of jokes about assembling IKEA furniture, but it’s often worth it in the end especially if that furniture is for cats. …AND GETS ALL UP IN YOUR FACEBOOK

6 Insane Coincidences You Didn’t Notice Are In Every Movie

Given how often we complain about sequels, reboots, and a general lack of originality in Hollywood, we shouldn’t really be surprised that coincidences are used as often as they are, even in great films. And it makes sense — coincidences are a convenient screenwriting tool. That said, we’ve reached a point where both Hollywood and

The Big ICO Swindle

Ever since my friends and I set up a Digicash server to sell music and artwork with a digital currency called eCash representing real gold, back in the ’90s, I’ve been waiting for the day when cryptocurrencies—digital currencies that operate independently of central banks by using encryption to generate units and verify transfers of funds—would

Kids With Dogs Are Less Likely To Suffer From Anxiety

Noting that a parent’s mental health can affect their reporting about their own child, the researchers also screened and accounted for adults with depression. While BMI, physical activity or screen time did not differ among the kids with or without dogs, 21 percent of the children without dogs met the clinical threshold at which children

Louisiana’s ‘Cajun Navy’ Is A 100% Volunteer Group That’s Helping Flood Victims

GONZALES, La. When the floodwaters began their rapid rise in southern Louisiana, residents fleeing to safety left with little more than the clothes on their backs. Others along with their pets, children and infirm relatives were left stranded and waiting for rescue. More than a week and a half since the historic flooding began in the state,

The RealReals CEO says the companys goal is to IPO