Daily Archive: Thursday, February 1, 2018

Channing Tatums Pet Goat Died

If you havent been on the verge of tears yet today, its probably because you havent yet heard about the death of Channing Tatums pet goat, Heather. Okay, so having a pet goat is like pretty strange, but it doesnt matter because its adorable. Channing Instagrammed a heartbreaking photo of his daughter Everly with Heather,

Rules Are Rules: Pope Francis Has Been Evicted From The Vatican For Owning A Cat In Violation Of His Lease Agreement

Welp, Pope Francis really goofed it on this one. The head of the Catholic Church may be one of the most celebrated and influential public figures in the world, but even he has to abide by a certain set of rules, and it looks like he’s learning that the hard way: Pope Francis has been

Pet Owners Capture What Their Animals Look Like Before and After Being Called “A Good Boy”

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This Striped And Spotted Cat’s Fur Is Mesmerizing The Internet

People can’t get enough of a cat in  Thor the Bengal/Facebook His looks are makinghim the hottestcat celebrity on Facebook and Instagram. Thor the Bengal/Facebook “The funniest thing I read was that people were saying that Thor wasnt real and that we just photoshopped a cat and added a tigers body,” she said. “Of course

Heres the 19th batch of 500 Startups companies

500 Startups just wrapped up its 18th batch of company launches last month which means its already looking forward to the next one. This time around, in its 19th batch, the program (no longer called an accelerator, ironically) has 44 companies, ranging from business-to-business software to beauty products. Youll find everything from software for managing