Daily Archive: Friday, February 2, 2018

Moms Post About Ex Shows How Couples Can Remain Friends After Divorce

Divorce can get really messy. If there are no kids involved, it’s a different situation, but the addition of children brings a whole new dynamic to the equation. While most couples try their best to remain civil, that’s not always the case. But there are those who realize that just because they weren’t meant to

Calmly meeting the neighbours pets. Wait for it.

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Familys Group Text About Their Cats Death Has Absurdly Hilarious Twist

I once looked out my kitchen window and saw my mom and neighbor burying my neighbor’s dead cat in my garden. The cat was wearing a sweater to “keep him warm in that big catnip plant in the sky.” That’s why I relate to this story so much in that it also involves parents and

I Tried Oil Pulling So You Don’t Have To

Every so often I decide to put my body through a wholly unpleasant experience so that I can make jokes about it and save you from the horror and inconvenience of having to experience it yourself. In the past Ive dealt with stupid cleanses and even more stupid diets, so this time around I thought