Daily Archive: Tuesday, February 6, 2018

An Air Canada pilot put a dog’s life above profit. It’s exceptional and how the world should be.

A lot of times, we hear bad stories about airlines. Terrible wait times while stuck on the plane, bad customer service. But this time, the story (originally reported by CityNews) is sweet. A dog’s first flying adventure almost goes horribly wrong. Simba, a 7-year-old French bulldog, was taking the first flight of his life, from

20 Ways They Truly Were The Greatest Generation

We wont soon see their like again. 1. They know that sacrifice isnt just a word, but a set of meanings associated with that particular word. 2. They ate two raw eggs every morning, two raw eggs in the afternoon, and two raw eggs after sundown, because thats just what you did. 3. They were

20 Ways You Should Be Selfish In Your 20s

4 Legit Reasons New Parents Are F@cking Annoying

I am a father, but I am not so deep into fatherhood that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to hate new parents. I remember having my entire Facebook feed hijacked by indistinguishable, jelly-eyed newborns all wearing the same hospital hat. I remember the 100-percent-sober ponderings between moms and dads over who the baby sneezes like,