Daily Archive: Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Michigan’s State Senate Just Made Sodomy Illegal As Part Of A Bill Hidden In An Animal Abuse Law!

This is ridiculous! The Michigan state Senate just passed a bill reaffirming the state’s already absurd law that sodomy is a felony — and it’s now mandated with punishment by up to 15 years in prison!!! Photos: The 50 Hottest Players In The NFL! More than a dozen states still have sodomy laws on the

What its like to adopt a dog, as told through a 14-part comic.

Rescuing a pet is an amazing and heroic undertaking. 7.6 million pets go into shelters each year, according to the ASPCA. And of those pets, about 2.7 million pets are rescued by humans who give them forever homes. Moscow-based comic artist Bird Born experienced firsthand the power of welcoming a pet into your family when

This live stream of kittens in a dollhouse will make you a better person

The feline equivalent to Kim,Khlo, Kourtney and Kylie.Image: Ntminn If your secret life dream, like ours, is to binge-watch a reality show with a bunch of cats, here’s your treat. SEE ALSO: Chelsea Handler blames Trump’s presidency on the Kardashians Keeping Up with the Kattarshians kudos to whoever created this gem title is the ultimate

A kitten was rescued from Hurricane Matthew and adopted while wearing a sock

The cat and its makeshift sweater fit perfectly into the palms of a veterinary assistant’s hands. A tiny kitten who survived the devastation of Hurricane Matthew was snuggled into a tube sock and cradled into the arms of a new family. The kitten was rescued from the storm and brought into Petsmart’s Banfield Pet Hospital

Healthy People Are Faking Disabilities To Get A Service Dog

You may think of service animals as those dogs that keep blind people from walking into traffic, but they’re available for all sorts of conditions, like PTSD or anxiety. Or nothing at all, if you’re willing to lie. Yes, as you might have noticed if you’ve flown next to a suspiciously unruly rottweiler or seen