Daily Archive: Saturday, February 10, 2018

Tell this museum how you’re feeling and it’ll text you back a piece of art

(CNN)The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art can teach us a thing or two about taking our texting game to the next level. The idea behind the “Send Me SFMOMA” project is genius. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has 34,678 items in its collection. If they were all out on display, you’d need

5 Signs The Muppets Caused 9/11: Crazy But Convincing Theory

I’m no scandalmonger. My years of debunking B.S. stories in the news can attest to that. It’s this exemplary reputation I stand behind as assurance that when I say The Muppets caused the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States, I mean exactly that. Evil lurks behind those cold, painted-on eyes. Buckle in, everyone. It’s

Single Pamela Anderson Is A Lonely Momma Now That Her Kiddos Are Grown!

Secret Life of Pets Fends Off Ghostbusters to Stay No. 1

The Secret Life of Pets, an animated feature from Comcast Corp.s Universal Pictures, topped the box office for a second weekend in a row, beating Sony Corp.s female-led remake of Ghostbusters. The animated comedy, about how pets behave when their owners are out, collected an estimated $50.6 million in U.S. and Canadian theaters, ComScore Inc.

Tennessee Will Soon Have First Statewide Animal Abuse Registry

Believe there’s nothing left in nature that can surprise you? Guess again.

1. The Klipspringer could probably jump over your house. Have a silver dollar nearby? Hold it in your hand. Now picture a 40-pound, 3-foot-tall deer balanced delicately on it. Congratulations, you’ve caught a klipspringer! A klipspringer jumping about 20% as high as it could if it really wanted to. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, the klipspringer