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Why the future of deep learning depends on finding good data

Ophir Tanz is the CEO of GumGum, an artificial intelligence company with particular expertise in computer vision. GumGum applies its capabilities to a variety of industries, from advertising to professional sports across the globe. Ophir holds a B.S. and a M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University and currently lives in Los Angeles. More posts by this

Pokemon Pets?(Feel free to re-post & Share)

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Be Careful What You Do In Front Of Your Pets

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To the Husband Ive Neglected for 4 Years, Theres Something You Need to Know

“I am not the person you married 11 years ago.” By Laura Birks Dear Husband, I am sorry. Im sorry that youve been neglected for the last four-and-a-half years. Im sorry that your needs are secondary. I assure you, you are still one of my top prioritiesyou just arent on the top of the list

Mama Cat Brings Her Kittens To Meet An Old Friend And Its The Cutest Thing Ever!

Cats and dogs, very different creatures, both make great pets. But in the natural order of things, they’re not exactly friends. So when the cat does THIS, it truly shows an huge level of trust. Pass along this adorable video! Read more:

‘Zombie dogs’ roaming near Chicago are infected coyotes, police warn

Police are warning residents of a Chicago suburb to avoid helping “zombie dogs” because they are infected coyotes that could sicken other pets with the disease.  Hanover Park Police Department posted the warning on its Facebook page on Wednesday, saying the coyotes, usually nocturnal animals, are infected with sarcoptic mange that causes them to be