Daily Archive: Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Animal Shelter Celebrates Their Happiest Day Ever Because All Kennels Are Empty

According to the shelter, they adopted out 25 cats and 23 dogs as of Monday, but the kindhearted staff and volunteers won’t be stopping anytime soon. “We’ll have more dogs available later tonight or tomorrow. Keep those adoptions coming!”. Watch the video: Almost finished… To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the

30 Overly Happy Animals That Are About To Make Your Life So Much Better

There’s nothing better than seeing an overly happy animal just living its happy little life. It’s science. There’s just something about watching a pup do his happy dance that can turn any awful day around. If you’re having a horrible day, week, or month, let these bundles of joy help you out. 1. “For me?

A Street Musician Befriended A Stray Cat Who Ended Up Changing His Life

From the video, it’s clear to see that the bond between James Bowen and Bob is an incredibly strong one. Closeness is common between pets and their humans, but the effect it has had on Bowen’s life is rare. While he’s now an acclaimed writer with two international best-sellers under his belt, things were not

Vetted raises $3.3M to treat your pet at home

Whats worse than going to the doctor? Taking your pet to the doctor. Not only is it a major hassle to actually transport your dog or cat to the vet, but you usually end up paying way too much for way too little time spent with the actual veterinarian. Vetted wants to change this. The