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Pets That Deserve An Apology

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Pets And Car Rides

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Class Action Finally Settled! If You Owned A Tamagotchi In The 90s, Youre Gonna Be Mailed A Live Dog

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Kate Winslet Bans Her Kids From Using Social Media At Home ‘Parents Are Losing Control’

No social media?? Say it ain’t so! Don’t let Kate Winslet‘s role as a tech-savvy Apple exec in the new flick Steve Jobs fool you. In real life, she is all about staying unplugged, especially when it comes to her three kiddos — Mia Honey, 15, Joe Alfie, 11, and little Bear Blaze, almost 2.

Sally Kohn criticizes Ohio for buying a wheelchair for this puppy [photos]

Sally Kohn is angry that “taxpayers” purchased a wheelchair for an adorable two-legged puppy rescued from a shelter in Ohio while Gov. John Kasich has asked for pause while the vetting process of Syrian refugees can be worked out. Is she heartless? The dog’s names is “Tumbles” — micro-agression alert? — and his wheelchair was