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5 Cats Meet Their Baby Brother For The First Time…Get Ready To Laugh!

When parents bring their newborns home for the first time, there’s often a bit of hesitation if they already own pets. Will they embrace their new brother…or use him as a chew toy? One family decided to find out by bringing their baby home and filming the whole exchange… …with not one, not two, but

Pet shop puppy sale ban considered

Puppies must also be shown alongside their mother before a sale is made, and – amid concern over online sales – purchases must be completed in the presence of the new owner. ‘Puppy trade crisis’ Last year, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs suggested a ban on third-party sales could lead to the

Illegal puppy trade surges for Christmas

Image copyright Dogs trust Image caption This puppy has a skin infection from urine scalding The Dogs Trust said it had come across seven Cane Corso pups with infected wounds after their ears and tails were cropped and docked, apparently using scissors and vodka. Image copyright Dogs trust Image caption Rescued British bulldog puppies at

Mom Tells Kids What Theyre Never Getting for Christmas5 Yrs Later, They Open This Box

ShareTweet The analogy “like a kid on Christmas” has long been used to convey the excitement that lights up our children’s eyes when they unwrap those much-anticipated gifts from Santa on Christmas morn. But nobody does that age-old phrase justice quite like these three siblings who have been awaiting the gift they thought they’d NEVER receive for

How Pets See Road Trips

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You Cannot Watch This Video Without Laughing. I Promise!

French Bulldogs have to be one of the most sought after pets of the last few years. They are the perfect mix between an English Bulldog and a Pug! They maintain that bulldog look and behavior, yet are closer in size to a pug. And being small in stature means a lot of cuddle time