Daily Archive: Saturday, March 3, 2018

Photos That Prove Kids and Animals Have a VERY Special Bond

They say you should never work with kids or animals, which is a phrase that I think was created by someone who has never had to work with adults (kids really deserve some more credit). But, in case you need proof that kids and pets can combine to be so ridiculously sweet you’ll get a

Artist turns roadkill cat into beautiful thousand dollar handbag

Cats only live nine lives but their desiccated corpses can live many, many more. Seven years ago, New Zealand artist Claire Hobbs found a dead cat on a nearby road. After storing the cat in the freezer and searching through missing pets ads for three months, Hobbs decided she could put the cat’s body to

Bird Meows With The Cats

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This flight was filled with a very rich person’s falcon army

It’s pretty sad when some pets lead nicer lives than most people on earth. Redditor lensoo shared an equally bizarre and awesome photo of an airplane cabin on Monday of an absurd number of falcons traveling on an airplane, each with their very own seat. SEE ALSO: JetBlue now has free Wi-Fi on all flights

The corner of England where the Stars and Stripes fly high – BBC News

One of the current batch of Americans living in the area is Jolene Jeffers, an aspiring photographer currently working for a car rental company. She and husband Caleb, originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, are almost three years into a four-year posting. He works on the Lockheed C-130 Hercules at RAF Mildenhall. “It is a different