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13 Reasons To Stop What Youre Doing And Get A Dwarf Donkey, Right Now!

Looking for a pet but are not interested in the standard dog or cat option? Well, if you want something different, you may be interested in a mini-donkey! These guys truly are a trip as youre about to see. Theyre about as cute as it gets. Total fur-balls with precious looking mugs! Dwarf Donkeys are

Cat-Packs Are The Purrfect Way To Take Your Pets On Fun Adventures

Youve seen dog carriers, but what about carriers specifically for cats? Well here we have the ideal cat transporter that wont freak your cat out (like they get when put in typical pet carriers). These are great if you are travelling, going to the vet or simply want to have your cat experience the sights

Florida woman’s Facebook photo of dog with mouth taped closed sparks outcry

On Friday, Katie Brown of South Daytona, Florida, posted a photo of her chocolate Labrador retriever to which wouldn’t have been notable but for the fact that she had apparently duct-taped its mouth shut. “This is what happens when you dont shut up!!!” she wrote in a caption. via Facebook In no time at all,

Bad Luck Bulldog. Short and wide with a low center of gravity

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Pets Who Completely Lost Their Minds When They Saw Snow For The First Time

Snow evokes a slew of different emotions. Some people love it — spending hours rolling around in it, sledding down hills, starting up snowballs fights. Then there are those who are not so pleased with it — it makes getting to work a huge pain, driving is difficult, and don’t even get us started on