Daily Archive: Sunday, March 11, 2018

Baby Is Adorably Smothered By Puppies

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This couple’s wedding video was filmed by their dog

Dogs are good for many things, like snuggling, playing and making you smile, but they dont have much to offer in the way of technical skills. One trusty pup, however, proved her worth as an artist by filming her owners’ entire wedding via GoPro. Ryder the Siberian Husky belongs to Josh and Addie Burnette. The

Picture of the Day: This Sheep Looks Like a Cow

Photograph by David Merrett | Flickr Seen here is a Jacob Sheep, a rare breed of small, piebald (colored with white spots), polycerate (multi-horned) sheep. Oh and it looks like a cow. Jacob Sheep can have anywhere from two to six horns but four horns is the most common. According to Wikipedia:   Jacobs are

Putting The Debate To Bed: PETA Has Announced That They Will Never Know Whether Its Okay To Be Naked In Front Of Your Dog Or What

When it comes to protecting animals, no one does it better than PETA. So if you’ve got a pet at home, you might want to pay attention to the organization’s latest bombshell: PETA has announced that they will never know whether it’s okay to be naked in front of your dog or what! Yep. Nudity