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Chrissy Teigen gets a hamster, takes all of Twitter along for the ride


Chrissy Teigen just got a hamster, and like any new baby owned, she has a lot of questions about her furry companion.

Like if it’s ordinary for the little critter to strenuously gnaw at her cage? And the senility old-fashioned question of to touch or not to touch?

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Teigen started her hamster strand by introducing the little friend as Peanut Butter, adding that her husband, John Legend, was not as exhilarated about the brand-new addition to the family.

Luna and I bought a hamster today. Her figure is peanut butter. John is not exhilarated, which spawns me adoration her more.

— christine teigen (@ chrissyteigen) March 11, 2019 Read more …

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