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Exotic pets and conservation

( This is a rant)

I’m tired of having this argument with tropical domesticated proprietors that I believe are reacting irresponsibly. Not towards their pet, but towards that animal’s species.

Unless you are a zookeeper or work in some kind of wildlife reclamation centre, why on ground would you save an imperiled swine? That’s really foolish to me. You’re actively contributing to the downfall of that species.

Don’t are wrong, I reflect tropical babies can be great domesticateds for the right proprietor. I myself have stopped a variety of reptiles and fledglings in the past, but they were all scheduled as CITES “Least Concern” means that they were plentiful in amount in the wild.

It merely induces me so annoyed that people would buy a domesticated without throwing a fucking about the conservation of a species.

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