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Get the Embark DNA test kit for dogs for $20 off at Amazon


We enjoy our pets and would hang out with them( and only them) all of the time if “weve been able”. But did you know DNA test gears for bird-dogs can help you and your puppy get even closer?

It’s true-blue. DNA test equipment like this one from Embark can find preventable illness and other diseases hiding inside of your dog’s genetic makeup. If you ever wanted to learn more about your hound, then the Embark’s DNA test package can help and it’s now on sale for $179, or $20 off its retail price.

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Once you get the DNA test package in the mail, use the included cotton swab implement to swab the inside of your dog’s buttock. Then situate the used swab back into the package and return it to Embark. The company’s scientists and geneticists in a partnership with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine will then analyze and test your dog’s DNA sample, while it’s screened for ancestry and descents of over 250 dog reproductions and more than 165 diseases like glaucoma, degenerative myelopathy, and more. Read more …

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