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It’s gonna be cold in the Midwest! Here are some ideas to keep your pets warm!

So, since it’s gonna be cold, here are some steps to help your furred family members! Make them boots and coats to wear outside, if you have to have them outside( severely, this is really merely acceptable in this condition if it’s a feral “cat-o-nine-tail” that you can’t get to come inside for sanctuary ), clear them a very warm sanctuary.

Booties: https :// id/ 10 -Minute-Dog-Boots /~ ATAGEND( you don’t have to use coat, you can substitute for what you have available.

Coat: https :// 2009/09/ 03/ how-to_dog_coat_from_a_recycle /~ ATAGEND( you can use a sweater instead of a coat)

Shelter: https :// how-to-tnr/ colony-care/ feral-cat-winter-shelter( plastic casks, plastic storage buckets, and cardboard boxes can all work in a tinge, and coverings, extremely fleece work well if you can’t get straw)

Hope this helps some people! Stay heated and stay safe! Drive carefully and dress warmly if you have to go out!

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