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Moose Meanders into Alaska Hospital, Poses for Video, Eats Plants

A bizarre moose strayed into a house at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska, on Monday.

According to the Associated Press, the female moose entered the building attached to the hospital just like any human patient — through the lobby entrances — and then really stood around taking in the decoration … and then gobbling the decor.

The large-scale animal munched on a few of the tropical plants by the doors, reports Anchorage Daily News, but didn’t seem to take a shine to the ad-hoc salad bar. After perceiving a few of the plants, the moose stood inside for a few more times before seeing herself out.

Stephanie Hupton, who works at a physical rehabilitation part inside the building, caught part of the catch visit on video. Her footage shown in the moose calmly looking around, even staring into the camera, before gradually exiting.

Hospital spokeswoman Kjerstin Lastufka told AP that the moose entered the building through a entrance that was stuck open because of the cold weather. After the moose left, the door was shut and locked by the hospital’s defence staff. No human beings or animals were injured during the course of its stun, more calm, 10 -minute encounter.

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