One cat proves that feline love is a real concept

One cat proves that feline love is a real concept

April 13, 2017 Off By irmy2000

Cats can be man’s best friend too, okay?

A Texas teen named Hope recently tweeted out a picture of her cat, Holly, acting rather un-catlike. Instead of acting mean and surly, as is the unfounded reputation with most cats, Holly seemed to not only want human affection but demand it.

Hope told Mashable that Holly is, “the most affectionate and loving cat I have ever seen in my life, really! She is not satisfied unless she’s constantly in my personal space, licking on my hands or sleeping sprawled out across my body.”

When asked if grabbing her hand is a regular occurrence, Hope explained that her cat has a particular time to grab her, saying that she, “likes to wait until I’ve just gotten out of the shower to start grabbing at my hands and pulling them to her face.”

If only all of our cats were that snuggly.

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