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Pet Owners and Pet Sitters – Beware of Pawshake!

I used to be a highly rated pet-sitter on the locate, had recite purchaser reserves, etc. I always uttered A+ care to the clients I had, including running above and beyond in several cases where the swine had special necessaries.

All of a sudden, out of the blue my profile has been deactivated solely and the’ customer services’ has been giving me the run-around, accusing me that I am taking cash fees( which I have not been doing ).

After doing some digging, I have found that this has also happened to the thousands of other launched domesticated baby-sitters as well. Not be reminded that for pet proprietors, Pawshake has REPEATEDLY rejected insurance coverage that proprietors pay for, when the pets have gotten legitimately sick while their owners are apart.

The owners of Pawshake only care about taking that 19% hunk of change they take from reserves through the area( while doing zero work to earn that money, might I compute .)

You are better off asking your veterinarian or some trusted friends for a personal recommendation for a pet-sitter. Don’t give your money to these vultures.

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