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These 8 vacuum cleaners are the best for dealing with pet hair


Watching your bird-dog cover over to lick your face each time you walk in the door or chilling on the couch with your “cat-o-nine-tail” purring at your hoofs are some pretty awesome perks of having a baby. But you know what’s not so awesome? Pet hair. All over your room. All the time.

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If you’re a pet proprietor, you know that abiding on top of pet mane cleanup is no joke. From your couch pillows to your carpets, domesticated fuzz goes everywhere. And even some of best available, more powerful vacuum cleaners don’t cut it. You requirement a vacuum that’s specifically designed for pet owners and that’s created in order to pick up fuzz without choking, finagle airborne dander and other allergens, and leave your mansion hair-free with negligible endeavour on your side. Read more …

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