These Adorable Dogs Are Stepping Out To Support Science

These Adorable Dogs Are Stepping Out To Support Science

April 23, 2017 Off By irmy2000

Thousands people around the world gathered on Earth Day to participate in March for Science rallies to show their support for science and fight the environmentally disastrous agenda of President Donald Trump.

But humans werent the only ones to show up Saturday.

Many demonstrators also brought their four-legged canine companions along for the march as well. And sure, while most of those dogs probably viewed the event as just a good opportunity for a walk and sniffing some new people, that doesnt mean that animal participation isnt important. After all, climate change is an enormous threat to hundreds of species around the globe despite Trump dismissing it as bullshit going on to roll back regulationson fossil fuels. And extreme weather events like droughts, floods and hurricanes affect animals, too including our pets.

Here are some of the dogs who showed their solidarity on Saturday.

A science-supporting dog at the March for Science in London.