Two Baby Orangutans Are Rescued After Being Discovered In A Suitcase

Two Baby Orangutans Are Rescued After Being Discovered In A Suitcase

June 25, 2017 Off By irmy2000

Thailand’s Customs Guards searched a Malaysian man’s vehicle at the border control in Thailand and found a shocking discovery…

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    Two baby Orangutans were discovered packed in a suitcase by a 63-year old Malaysian smuggler. Shocked custom guards stopped the man in order to search the rest of his vehicle. 

    Smuggler, Ismail bin Ahmad, was trying to illegally transfer the Orangutans via two large suitcases. When customs searched the rest of his vehicle, they discovered that the Orangutans were only a fraction of what he was trying to smuggle in. They found 51 endangered tortoises and six raccoons all hidden in his truck! 

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    Luckily it was Prach Kongthong, a wildlife officer, that was manning the checkpoint at the border of Thailand, when the man was stopped. 

    After asking a few questions, it was revealed that the man was offered 23 euros (1,000 Baht) to transport the animals from neighboring Perlis State in Malaysia to Han Ya in Thailand.

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    Orangutans are native animals to islands such as Borneo and Sumatra. Sadly, they are often illegally smuggled through Southeast Asia for either private zoos, or even as pets.

    Many are used for entertainment purposes through boxing matches, or dressing them up and making them perform.

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    What Now?

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    The baby Orangutans were less than six months old and will be transferred to a local shelter.

    The smuggler was arrested on site by The Thai Customs Department. The animals discovered were immediately given food and water.

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