Elderly Pitbull Was Going Blind, Then He Got Contact Lenses

Gremlin (an adorable Pitbull) has survived, and thrived, through a lot. When she was around 4 years old, she was rescued from a life of dog fighting, and got adopted. Gremlin’s lived through a whole host of serious health problems since cancer, irritable bowel syndrome and a blood disease called babesia, among them. 

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    Home Sweet Home


    Gremlin is a sweet, goofy and loving girl. She became a certified therapy dog and inspired her owners (Chris and Mariesa Hughes) to rescue only sick and elderly dogs. 

    The Hugheses founded theThe Mr. Mo Project. it is an upstate New York-based nonprofit that gets vulnerable animals out of shelters and into “fospice” homes. So that every dog can live out their days in a comfortable and loving environment. 

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    Nearly Blind


    The Hughes started noticing that Gremlins eyesight wasn’t doing so well. About a year and half ago they started to notice cataracts on top of her already apparent blindness. 

    The vet recommended surgery, however complicated arouse and Gremlin sadly developed pressure behind her right eye and caused permanent blindness. 

    Gremlin is far sighted and although she can see things faraway, she cannot up close. She would bump into objects and get startled very easily. She started to avoid members in the household…

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    “They are our family and we have made a promise to them to give them the best life we can”


    Mariesa started contacting doctors all over the country in hopes to find glasses to improve Gremlins left eye sight. (Yes! They do exist) 

    It was Gremlin’s Vet ophthalmologist, Dr. Petra Lackner, who had the idea that contact lenses might help. 

    So they gave it a try…

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    A Happy And Seeing Gremlin!


    Right from the first attempt with the contact lenses, both Lackner and the Hughes saw a huge change! 

    Lackner said “It was like the dog was “waking up from a daze,” she said. “I was thrilled.”

    The contacts can stay for a month at a time, but the Hughes said “Gremlin seems to prefer having hers changed out about once a week.” And so thats what they do. She doesn’t seem to mind the process of putting them in and to the Hughes it makes all the difference. 

    She is happier and seems to be enjoying life again! 

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