Leprosy Is Back, And Officials Are Blaming Armadillos

Leprosy Is Back, And Officials Are Blaming Armadillos

December 4, 2017 Off By irmy2000

The unusual weather we’ve been having lately has been linked to all sorts of strange happenings around the country. From massive mudslides half-burying towns to snowstorms in May, it’s been a roller coaster of meteorological proportions and these crazy fluctuations have trickled down the ecological chain to flora and fauna as well.

One critter that is having a banner year is the armadillo. Floridians are finding themselves with dug up yards at a much higher rate than usual, likely due to changes in the weather. These animals can carry rabies and will bite and scratch pets, so it’s a problem for that reason alone. Aside from the destroyed landscaping and pet hazards, there’s one other rarer, but still significant, concern. Leprosy. Armadillos carry the infamous disease and while transmission is difficult unless you’re around them a lot, health officials believe that a significant rise in leprosy cases this year may be linked to the animals.

If you live in an area these armor-plated oddballs inhabit, make sure to follow the advice in this video for identifying signs of an infestation, getting help removing them, and preventing further incursions into your homestead. Better safe than sorry!

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